Services Provided by J. Andrew Rodriguez Consulting

  • Workshops – exploring concepts of community capacity building; discovering who your team is, its strengths and gifts; exploring the whys of what you are doing; mechanics of how capacity building works; exploring the “us” versus “them” myth; exploring how paradigms impact our perceptions and decisions; how to develop a culture of engagement, and committing to a new more impactful way of interacting with the community.
  • Community Engagement Plan Development – working closely with your organization to develop a step-by-step plan for sustained and intentional community engagement, and defining benchmarks for holding the organization accountable to fulfill the plan.
  • Organization Assessment – conducting an assessment of your organization’s culture in relation to how it can better interact with the community, especially traditionally underrepresented population groups.
  • Training – tailoring training to the specific capacity building needs of your organization (e.g., relationship building using one-to-one interviewing techniques; developing neighborhood-centered communication and outreach strategies).
  • Facilitation – facilitating the resolution of intra-organizational, and organization-community disputes.
  • Coaching – providing on-site support for members of your team as they embark on the path to building stronger, intentional and impactful community relationships (e.g., developing messaging that your intended audience can relate to; helping to facilitate community meetings and forums).

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